Summer Skin

Thanks to the release of (Nerd)Press, I’ve switched up the site’s theme a little bit.  And while the jumbo header and splash of Colourise will be sorely missed, I’ve gotta say that I’m really enjoying its super minimal replacement.  Not only does it elegantly tuck comments out of sight — without disabling them completely, I might add — but it also manages to use a liberal amount of Helvetica.

Well, so long as you’re running an OS that installs Helvetica by default, that is.  Otherwise it defaults to (gag) Arial.  Still, sans-serifs FTW!

So feel free to kick the tires a bit.  And let me know if you notice anything weird.




One response to “Summer Skin”

  1. The Frosty Avatar

    Very nice theme. Simple and clean.
    Thinking to myself, the shades of gray and white kinda hurt my eyes..