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  • Blog Days Are Over

    Earlier this morning I confirmed the domain transfers for something that I spent almost six years of my life on. A site that I both obsessed over and neglected terribly. As of 8 AM, Preshrunk is somebody else’s baby. Saying that is a real punch in the (emotional) dick, but at least I know it’s in […]

  • Can’t Stop The Hustle

    Inspired by what Merlin is doing with 43 Folders, I’m taking a step back from what I set out to do with Preshrunk. Yeah, I know that I just relaunched it. No, I’m not talking about walking away from it.  It feels too good to be back to just up and stop again. What I’ve realized tho is […]

  • Bring The Ruckus

    The game has changed a lot since I launched Preshrunk in late 2004.  According to Andy at Hide Your Arms, there’s over 150 t-shirt blogs out there now — and I’ll be damned if I can actually find more than a handful that are actually readable and worth following.  Granted, there are a few “good […]