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So while I love the look and feel of Hemingway and it seems to be working okay on Preshrunk, I think I’m going to need to go elsewhere for my templating needs. It’s nothing personal, honest… The only breakdown is the fact that I really need to start throwing some ads up1 but every tweak I make to Hemingway ends up not looking as elegant as it should. I’ve toyed with the idea of going to a standard 3 column layout, but I’m also getting pulled in the direction of running a yogurt template2 with ads after every second or third post.

Since I know that some of the regular Preshrunk readers happen to check in on this site too, I was hoping I could get some smaller scale feedback. So, what do you lot think I should do?

Any feedback y’all can give me would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

P.S. “Don’t run ads” is not an acceptable answer. Most of the feedback I got from everyone seemed pretty receptive to the idea of a few tastefully done ads on the site, so that matter is closed.

  1. Not because I want to, per sae. I’m just trying to make working on the site a little more lucrative for my broke ass.
  2. Culture [posts] on top, fruit [navigation] on the bottom. You know, like those single column layouts that all the cool webloggers seem to be flocking towards3.
  3. Okay, maybe “yogurt template” is not that awesome of a term — but it seemed cool at the time… *shrug* Whatev.



One response to “Unfocused Group”

  1. Andy Avatar

    I don’t think that the Hemingway look will really accommodate any kind of ad in an elegant way.

    If you went the yogurt way then I think that putting ads every three or four posts would be the only option, it is a little bit intrusive, but it is the best choice with that kind of layout.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a traditional two or three column layout, it does give you a lot more options with regard to where you’ll put all the ‘stuff’.

    Oh, and you should think about ads in your feeds, I presume that Preshrunk is read by people that are a bit ahead of the game when it comes to technology, so your feed numbers would probably be above the average.