Can’t Stop The Hustle

Inspired by what Merlin is doing with 43 Folders, I’m taking a step back from what I set out to do with Preshrunk. Yeah, I know that I just relaunched it. No, I’m not talking about walking away from it.  It feels too good to be back to just up and stop again.

What I’ve realized tho is that the internet doesn’t need yet another daily t-shirt blog — it needs a better t-shirt blog. Spitting back every press release and sale notice that drops into my inbox doesn’t make for compelling content. The reason people show up and read Preshrunk is because they actually care about finding wonderful tees. What’s more, people actually trust my taste.

I know. It befuddles me too. But they seriously do. At least that’s what the feedback coming in says.

When it comes down to it, the last thing I should be doing is running something I’m only kinda feeling. Or trying too hard to make sure people have fresh content to read when they check their feeds or hit the site. When I’m up against a self-imposed deadline, I end up putting out stuff that’s not up to par. You guys seriously have no idea how hard I’ve had to fight myself to not go back and rewrite entire entries when I read them in the morning. When you realize that you’ve turned out more than one post in the past month that reads like bad Geekologie copy — which isn’t really that great to begin with — it’s time to examine what you’re doing.

So if you don’t see new shit up on Preshrunk daily, please know that I’m just trying to make things better rather than fall into a routine. As they say, it’s all about quality over quantity. Six months off won’t happen again tho, honest. Maybe a few days at worst. Expect a good excuse from me if that happens tho, alright?




2 responses to “Can’t Stop The Hustle”

  1. Bill Avatar

    You’re completely right. Pushing volume on a blog is sensless if you don’t care about what you’re writing. That’s probably the reason for the six months of silence: it’s a landslide effect. Once you miss a day or two, you don’t think it makes a difference until you wake up one morning and realize that you have almost forgotten your login info.

    Keep up the great work; just keep it up less frequently!

  2. Hannes Avatar

    Yeah, I would definitely go with quality over quantity. I don’t think daily posts are necessary – a few posts a week would be fine. Or whenever you find cool stuff :)