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A Burgeoning Movement

Would anybody care that much if I migrated this site to the much easier to spell — but nowhere near as creatively named — Right now it’s mirroring this site, but I was actually thinking of doing a move in the near future.

I’d be sure to update the feed URLs with all of the proper redirects and keep Ono Sendai live for at least the next year if I did manage to migrate it over. Still, I thought I’d ask the half a dozen readers that I have before doing it… ;)

Update: *shrug* Fuck it, I’ve officially moved. All of your old feed URLs should work for the time being.


So I was just thinking — it wouldn’t be an altogether horrible idea to get together an OPML or XOXO list of the BarCamp Los Angeles crew’s blogs, would it?

If someone wants to work with me on getting this done, let me know!

Travel Sick

After spending seven and a half hours on the road — three of which were in LA traffic I might add1 — I’m set up on the fold out at Frazier’s downright palatial Oaktown lair.

Tomorrow is WordCamp, where Frazier and I will will be representing Hipster Mafia2. What that means is him and I are going to go to assorted talks and I’m going to give out business cards and act like a wanker3.

If you see me in the hall and want to say hello or throw rotten fruit, walk over and do so.

I’ll try to update a few times tomorrow as I sit in the sessions — but you know how it goes with me and promising to make updates, right? ;)

  1. OC to SF by way of Culver City is not something I’d call fun. But that 30 mile, one and a half hour detour netted me $130 and helped me get rid of my Sidekick II.
  2. That basically means Preshrunk — but we might have another property someday soon.
  3. Hopefully Arrington or Calacanis don’t magically appear and out-wanker me. That’d make me sad.

My Twttr Ponies

Like any good internet beta whore, I just started using twttr. And while it’s pretty cool and rather promising, there are a few things that I really wish it had…

  1. For starters, a simple JavaScript based badge would be nice. While Flash is nice for some things, I really don’t think I need to load it to tell the world I’m having a beer or going on a walk. Also, it’d be nice if I didn’t have to recode my template to fit it in.
  2. RSS/Atom feeds wouldn’t hurt either. I know it’s supposed to be mobile phone based, but it really would be nice if I could give my feed out to folks instead of making them use twttr’s service to follow me around. Keeping track of my friends would be much less irritating too… ;)
  3. The ability to turn off “update sent” notices being sent to your phone. Yeah, I know I just sent an update. I appreciate that you want to let me know that my friends got my message and everything, but that’s really sort of unnecessary. Well, at least I think it is. *shrug*

I’m really not trying to be a curmudgeon, honest. I just think that this stuff would take twttr from being a novel application to something I actually use frequently.

P.S. Like, OMG! Add me!
P.P.S. According to Jack — who happens to be the dude behind twttr — ponies #1 and #2 are already being worked on. Hooray!
P.P.P.S. What’s more, pony #3 is a non issue. Apparently the “update sent” message only gets sent to your phone on your first message. Sweet!

Why Bloggers Love Handheld Computers

Why Bloggers Love Handheld Computers

While it may not be a handheld computer per se, this is the exact reason I bought a Sidekick.

Oh Drew, you sure do have my number…

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