Top 5 Comestibles Of 2005

1. Henry’s Turkey on Wheat Roll
As far as I’m concerned the sandwiches from Wild Oats sister market Henry’s could kick the ass of Quiznos and Subway any day of the week.
2. Naked Juice Blue Machine
This is the year I fell in love with Naked Juice. And while I love more flavors than I care to count, Blue Machine is by far the best one of the bunch.
3. Honest Tea Vanilla Mint White Tea
Were it not for Matt I’d have never known about this brand of tea that sells their beverages “just a tad sweet”. Danke, Mr. Haughey.
4. Have’A Corn Chips
A lot of people are curious when I tell them that Have’A Corn Chips aren’t actually salted but seasoned with soy sauce and lime juice. Then I let them try one. Shortly thereafter I have to fight them off so they don’t steal my bag.
5. Swingers Jerk Chicken Omelet
Trust me, it’s as good as it sounds. I just wish they’d open a Swingers in OC so I didn’t have to drive out to Hollywood to get my fix.

What food and drink kept you running during 2005?