Top 5 T-Shirts Of 2005

I’m sure I should probably post these on Preshrunk, but it’s not back up just yet. *shrug* It will be soon enough…

1. Gravedigger’s Picnic
2. Wu Members
3. Johnny Cash Is A Gangsta
4. Goatse
5. Creative Commies




4 responses to “Top 5 T-Shirts Of 2005”

  1. Tiff Avatar

    *sniffle* I miss Preshrunk… NetNewsWire cries out for a t-shirt-and-entertaining-commentary fix…

  2. Jason Cosper Avatar

    You didn’t hear it here, but I’m going to try to bring Preshrunk up in silent running mode [see: plain text] before the new year…

  3. Mark Avatar

    jason, how do i get a hold of you to send you tip on a new t-shirt design shop me and a buddy started? we have been loyal preshrunk followers and are super sad about the timing of it’s breakage…


  4. chris Avatar

    couldn’t find an email address. if you could email me, that would be awesome. thanks!