WordPress Coleman

I’ve spent a lot of time since WordCamp San Francisco thinking about Matt’s expressed desire for faster, Chrome-like automatic patching in his State of the Word. Mainly, I got caught up in the “how” of it. Like how could they balance development on the trunk alongside rapid-fire, stable core releases?

Then I read about the move to develop.svn.wordpress.org & Grunt for WordPress core development this morning and realized that it’s only a matter of time before WordPress has its own Canary build.

For the uninitiated, Chrome Canary is a version of Google’s Chrome browser that has the most cutting edge stuff crammed into it. The stuff that’s not quite ready for the general public, but still needs testing. Firefox is doing something similar thing with Aurora.

But WordPress can’t just go and call their cutting edge test branch Canary, can they? So, after combining the list of jazz greats in the version history along with my middling knowledge of the genre, I propose the early-adopter build be named after an innovator who was notorious for shaking things up: Ornette Coleman.

Think about it. WordPress Coleman has a pretty nice ring to it, right?

Anyway, now that I’ve given the project a name, I’ll just be hanging around waiting for an auto-updating build. Don’t worry though, I can be patient…

Addendum: As my buddy Mike Schroder pointed out in IRC, you could totally do something like this right now with the Beta Tester plugin and the bleeding edge nightly builds. But I’m thinking about something that’s a little less likely to break things as trunk development progresses.

Addendum 2: The Legend of Curly’s Gold: Yes, I realize that WordPress 4.5 used “Coleman” as its release name. This post was written 3 years before that release dropped. Nobody likes a pedant.