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Vagrant, Casked

While following the directions on how to set up 10up’s wonderful dev environment for WordPress, I noticed that Vagrant was using a .pkg installer.

Now there’s nothing wrong with installing software that way. Hell, doing things via a graphical installer is easier for most end users. But Vagrant isn’t really something that was made for “end users”. It’s a command line utility to create and manage development environments.

So I did a quick check to see if I could install Vagrant via my favorite package manager, Homebrew. And while there’s nothing in the vanilla install of Homebrew, I stumbled onto an independently maintained add-on called brew-cask that allows you to install Mac applications on your computer via the command line.

Using it is as easy as loading up your terminal and typing:

brew tap phinze/homebrew-cask && brew install brew-cask

Then, to get Vagrant installed, just run this command:

brew cask install vagrant

Hell, you can even install VirtualBox if you’d like:

brew cask install virtualbox

Pretty nice, right?

Oh, and if you’ve been holding out on using Vagrant in your dev environment, consider giving it a try. It’s way more flexible than MAMP and nowhere near as quirky.


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  1. J Marston

    Hi Jason – thanks for the post! I came across another read which recommended using gem to install Vagrant. Do you have any thoughts on whether to use gem or brew cask (or just how the two differ)?


    • The official Vagrant documentation only suggests using the gem method if you can’t find a package for your install. Since a brew package exists for OS X, I’ll take that as a sign that it’s the better option. ;)

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