Pitchfork Friendly Band Names, Part Tres

Next time you want to out cool your one friend who brags about downloading the Gnarls Barkley album “months before it was released here in the U.S.”, try dropping any of these fake band names into a conversation:

  • The Iron-On Letters
  • Scotland Yard
  • Cancer Omega
  • Kerouac
  • Burst Into Flames

Oh, they’re good — but have you heard The Iron-On Letters? Fucking transcendent. I saw them open for Colin Meloy when he was doing his solo Morrissey acoustic thing a while back. I’m pretty sure they’ve got a MySpace.

I guarantee it’ll work almost every time… Well, at least until your friend Googles whatever band you name check and finds this post. *shrug*

More: Part 1. Part 2.





One response to “Pitchfork Friendly Band Names, Part Tres”

  1. Fuzzy Avatar

    Reality being, of course, always stranger than fiction, “Scotland Yard” is short for “Scotland Yard Gospel Choir” which is a real band: http://www.sygc.com/